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Cantor Irvin Bell: November 22, 2009, 2 PM, Temple Torah, Boynton Beach
Currently the Director of the 45 Voice Palm Beach Jewish Chorus and the Cantor of Temple Beth Israel in Deerfield Beach, Florida. He has served congregations in New York, Connecticut, Philadelphia and Virginia as well as such exotic locales as San Juan, Puerto Rico and Barbados, B.W.I.


Israel Dance Troupe: December 6, 2009, 2 PM, Temple Torah, Boynton Beach
The Israel Dance Troupe is sponsored by the city of Ramat Gan which is Israel's fourth largest city. The troupe was founded in 1991. Members of the troupe range from school students to age 28 including soldiers who dedicate their free time to rehearsing and learning new folk dancing techniques.

The troupe consists of 40 dancers who participate in national performances and international festivals around the world visiting Jewish communities and temples. Israeli folk dancing combines the different cultures found in Israel. Audiences enjoy a range of colorful and exciting performances. Must see:
Cantor Sol Zim: December 13, 2009, 7 PM, Temple Torah, Boynton Beach
Known for his Cantorial innovation, writing and performing biblical rock operas he is an entertainer loved internationally. With a legendary Cantorial heritage we benefit from his ability for interpretative skills, creativity and inspiring productivity. Cantor Zim has left an indelible mark on the Jewish musical landscape. His most popular and world known composition is the "Prayer for Israel" sung in synagogues during every Shabbat service all over the world including in Israel. Cantor Zim is a master cantor, composer, songwriter, recording artist, concert performer and educator. Review his career:
"Shalom" Israel's National Dance Group: January 10, 2010, 2 PM, Temple Torah, Boynton Beach
The color, pageantry and folk traditions of Israel and beyond will fill the stage when "Shalom", one of the world’s leading dance troupes, brings its talented dancers to South Florida. "Shalom’s" rich repertoire includes Israeli and international folk dances, Fiddler on the Roof, gypsy dances and festival and ethnic choreography. Founded by acclaimed choreographer Gavri Levi in 1976, "Shalom" has received outstanding reviews for its performances around the globe representing Israeli dance art. This is the 30th year the group is visiting America with all performances sold out. Preview:
Shalva Berti: December 31, 2009, 2 PM, JCC Boynton Beach
A well known Israeli Singer and today is one of the leading Israeli television and radio singers known for her gentle voice. She has been on the stage from a very young age and at the age of 10 won first place at the Children's Festival. She was inducted into the Israeli Army at age 18 and was chosen to participate in the Military Choir as a leading soloist. After her military service, she traveled with the "Shalom Group" appearing throughout the U.S.A. Shalva was chosen to sing the songs Tfila (Prayer) and participated in the popular television show in Israel, "Scent of Mint" featuring Mediterranean songs. In December 2006 she opened a new show titled "Vocaliza Israelit" shown throughout Israel and launched a new album under the same title. Shalva appears throughout the world as an emissary at the invitations of different departments of the Foreign Ministry.She arranges her appearances to suit her audience with new and old songs singing in her special way in several different languages.Shalva recently recorded a new CD titled "TFILOT - PRAYERS" which can be ordered by phone, e-mail or the contact us page of this website, $15 including S & H. See her beauty and hear her voice:
Cantor Steve TexonDecember 31, 2009, 2 PM, JCC Boynton Beach
Cantor Texon has performed with many world renowned singers including Robert Merrill, Richard Tucker, and Placido Domingo and has sung with the New Jersey Opera, the Geneva Grand opera, and the New York City Opera. He is recognized as a "Charismatic Cantor and Opera Baritone Singer, personable, caring and dedicated. He possess a rich background of training and experience, he sounds like Robert Merrill. Visit him at
Live from Coral Springs, FL
Cantor Emil Levy: January 14, 2010, 10:00 AM, Temple Anshei Shalom, Delray Beach
"Cantor Levy singing with his daughter Yael" Cantor Levy will introduce the legacy of Rabbi Carlebach in words and songs.Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach reflects the songs which became popular over a period more than 30 years ago. Rabbi Carlebach's song's can be found on more albums than any other liturgical song writer of the 20th century. Many of his original songs have been recorded with different lyrics and sometimes as Nigunim, Tunes Without Words. Cantor Levy will be accompanied by vocalist Shalva Berti. See him sing with daughter Yael at:
Cantor Moti Fuchs March 7, 2010, 2 PM, Temple Torah Boynton Beach
A man who will take you on a spiritual journey to the ancient secrets of song, chant, love and healing. He will help you relax and bring peace to your body, mind and soul. Cantor Fuchs has been singing and acting since he was a young boy. He was the star performer in the first religious musical review in Israel. In the early 1970's he came to America to begin his highly successful Cantorial career. A composer of both liturgical music and Chassidic melodies, Cantor Fuchs was a prize-winning composer in the 1981 Children's Chassidic Song Festival. The Jewish Press describes Cantor Fuchs as being "best known for his charismatic personality and vocal style ... he possess the unique ability to sing straight from his heart with all his neshama." Cantor Fuchs created the Monthly Ahava-Love Meditation. Get acquainted at
Sandy ShmuelyApril 4, 2010, Temple Torah, Boynton Beach
An Israeli singer and composer who began his professional career as a member of the military North Command Entertainment Group stationed in the Golan Heights. Now a recording artist in the United States, Canada, Israel, Europe and South American his unique style gives listeners a performance of tenderness and strength. His high spirits and incredible energy invites audience participation and creates a wonderful feeling of community celebration. He is considered a contemporary Hassidic composer. Career highlights have been singing for President Jimmy Carter, live "Chanukah Celebration at the Kremlin", major locales in Mexico, Buenos Aires, Caracas, Montevideo, Rio De Jeneiro and Europe. Don't miss him:
Jerry Glantz: Author of the book about his father titled: "Leib Glantz: The Man Who Spoke to God". Cantor Glantz comes from the Orthodox operatic Cantorial tradition, where the cantor packed them in the pews acting as rock-star showman and humble servant in equal measures. His compositions and genius are compared to Beethoven and Mozart. Admired by many as a scholar of Jewish history and ancient Jewish literature. His story will warm your heart, entertain your ear and amaze your mind. Jerry Glantz is available for lectures, presentations and book signing events demonstrating his father's unique style Z'L. Read more:
Cantor Yehuda Rottner: A true hero, proud father of six, dedicated to Jewish education, devoted to Camp Stone in Israel, made Alliyah then built his home with his own hands. Watch his fascinating story: Hear him: