List of most awaited events.  
1. Palm Beach Jewish Chorus with Cantor Irvin Bell
November 22, 2009, 2 PM, Temple Torah, Boynton Beach
2. Israel Dance Theater: 30 performers live from Ramat Gan
December 6, 2009, 2 PM, Temple Torah, Boynton Beach
3. Shalva Berti: Internationally known Israeli Vocalist, and Cantor Steve Texon
December 31, 2009, 2 PM New Year's Eve Celebration, Boynton Beach JCC
"Shalom" Israel's National Dance Troupe under the direction of Gavri Levi
January 10, 2010, 2 PM, Temple Torah, Boynton Beach
Cantor Emil Levy will introduce a short story of Rabbi Carlebach's life and creations, giving us a taste of his music.
January 14, 2010, 10:00 AM, Temple Anshei Shalom, Delray Beach
Florida Cantors Association - a delightful concert of all kinds of Jewish Music
January 30, 2010, 7:30 (Saturday evening) Shabbat Shirah Celebration
Temple Torah, Boynton Beach *guest cantor appearance
7. Women in the Cantorate, Five active congregational cantors demonstrating their skills in "Chazanud"
February 14, Rosh Chodesh Adar Celebration, Temple Torah, Boynton Beach
Cantor Moti Fuchs: Cantor, composer and educator in a lecture of "Healing Through Music"
March 7, 2010, 2 PM, Temple Torah, Boynton Beach
"Musica Judaica": A selection of Jewish Spiritual Music starting from music in the Holy Temple to the Jerusalem of today. "Musica Judaica" is the protecting wall of our ancient nation's culture.
March 14, 2010, Temple Torah, Boynton Beach
Sandy Shmuely: Singer and composer of contemporary Hassidic Music
April 4, 2010, Temple Torah, Boynton Beach
Yom Ha'Atzmaut Celebration:
April 25, 2010, 2 PM, Delray Beach Civic Center
The Most active Yiddish Folks Theater in the world will visit south Florida from Tel Aviv. More information to come